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This is a community networking site catering to the needs of people interested in recovery. If recovery is not appealing to you please respect our member’s privacy and refrain from joining our site.


We have provided this site as a resource to the recovery community. Out of love and respect for that community, we have provided the mechanism for global networking. Now you decide what to do with it. We hope you will find our site a good resource for making new friends in recovery, and for finding out about different regions and fellowships. We are really excited that the internet allows us to create the worldwide network and we look forward to meeting some of our friends (and they already are friends) from everywhere. So whether you’re an addict or alcoholic, whether your substance was drugs, alcohol, relationships or what have you, we are grateful you are here. Please come in and join us, membership is absolutely FREE!

  • Important privacy note:

Due to the sensitive and private nature of this network, if your purpose is to spam our users be advised that this may constitute a breach of the internet privacy act and 12 Step Space may seek civil action on behalf of our members. This is only done to ensure our member’s privacy and safety while visiting our site.


12 Step Space is not aligned, affiliated or otherwise directly associated with any fellowships now or in the future. If you are looking for information about recovery or 12 step fellowships we have organized a huge collection of sites at the Recovery Directory Project.